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Influence of user mobility on the duration of Access Point Connectivity


In order to simulate the mobility of users, different "mobility models", i.e.: Random Way Ooint, Gauß-Markov, or Manhatten Grid, may be used. It is known that these different mobility models result in different probability densities over the simulated mobility domain.

This project's focus is to additionally analyze the distribution of the duration of access point connectivity for various mobility domain sizes and different mobility models.

Existing Work:

The project will be conducted using the simulation tool OPNET Modeler. The following features required to conduct the project are already available:

  • Implementation of mobility domains (geographical restiction of the region in which a mobile may move around)
  • Implementation of Random Way Point mobility model
  • Statistics do analyze the duration of access point connectivity
  • Experience in C/C++ programming

The students are required to

  • get aquainted with the exinsting simulator (OPNET Modeler) and the existing mobility models
  • add a Gauß-Markov mobility model (optionally, depending on the number of students participating: add also a Manhattan Grid mobility model)
  • Conduct simulation in order to
    • verify / test the implemented mobility models
    • reveal the influence of the mobility model and the size of the mobility domain on the distribution of access point connectivity
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