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QoSMOS — Quality of Service and Mobility driven cognitive radio Systems


The primary objective of QoSMOS is to develop a framework for Cognitive Radio systems and to develop and prove critical technologies using a test-bed. Involvement in standards bodies and industrial forums is emphasised from the start, to increase the probability of adoption of QoSMOS results into standardised products. The initial focus is on opportunistic use of radio spectrum, with an early example being TV White Spaces. The project has an External Advisory Board consisting mainly of regulators and broadcasters, to help steer the project and also to provide paths for exploitation of project results.

Within the project, Fraunhofer FOKUS specified and implemented a resource manager enabling dynamic spectrum usage and optimization.

A detailed description of the project is available at the project's official web site:


The project organized the following special sessions respectively workshops on cognitive radio systems in white spaces, partly together with other projects within the “Radio Access & Spectrum” cluster.

  • WVITAE “Special Session: Cognitive Radio and TV White Space Operations”, Chennai, India, 28.02-3.03.2011
  • Joint workshop with Orange on” Cognitive Radio: Technology, Regulation, and Quality of Service and Mobility”, FUNEMS 2011, Warszaw, Poland, 15-17.6.11
  • Workshop on undefined“Quality of Service and Mobility in CRS” at WinnF Conference 29.11.2011 - 02.12.2011, Washington
  • Workshop "undefinedQuality of Service and Mobility in CRS (QMCC’12)" at the IEICE TCSR Conference in FUKUOKA,
    Japan, October 17-19th 2012
  • QoSMOS Industry Briefing, London, Dec. 12th 2012
  • QoSMOS Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Seminar, Washington DC, 22nd March 2013
Publications Public accessible publication of the project, including project deliverables, papers, and white papers, are available online.
Developments Within QoSMOS, Fraunhofer Fokus implemented a spectrum manager which was showcased, e.g., at the QoSMOS Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Seminar, held at the Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center, Washington DC on 22nd March 2013.
Partners A complete list of partners involved in the project is available at the projects web site.


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