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COMED — Constellation and Multimedia Development Demonstrations

Overview The COMED framework is oriented towards factors, which are essential for the marketability of future satellite systems like:
  • fast packet switching through an asynchronous transmission technique,
  • on-board processing,
  • intersatellite-links,
  • development of technologies for serial production of sub-systems and components, and
  • reduction of the overall mass of the satellite.

The Satellite Group @ Fraunhofer FOKUS.cats takes part in the on-board processing project, coordinated by Bosch (TeSat GmbH). Its main role includes studies and basic developments in the areas ATM switching and on-board processing.

The COMED project flyer is available as a pdf-file.

A detailed description of the project's scope and the involvement of Fraunhofer FOKUS can be found here.

Workshops There were no public workshops held during the COMED project.
Publications Project results were published in internal status reports and technical notes. The corresponding bibliography entry is provided for your convinience.
Developments As the role of the Satellite Group @ Fraunhofer FOKUS.cats was with providing studies to the consortium, developments did not directly evolve from the project.
Partners TESAT-Spacecom GmbH (former satellite division of Bosch)


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